Mark Chesnutt

At The Smiling Goat Saloon on June 23rd

Mark Chesnutt has

14 No. 1 hits, 23 top ten singles, four platinum albums and five gold records to his credit

Tickets Go On Sale March 31st

$35 in advance

$39 at the door

Rain or Shine Show

All Purchases Are Final

Opening Act
Nashville Recording Artist Cassen Allen

Cassen He is originally from Coshocton, Ohio. Now he calls Nashville home as he is working his way across the nation touring venues of all sizes opening for acts like Neal McCoy, Parmalee, and many others!

How To Buy Tickets

For the June 23rd Mark Chesnutt Show

Tickets can be purchased online or purchased at The Smiling Goat Saloon. Tickets go on sale Thursday March 31st at 10am. Ticket prices are $35 plus online ticketing fees. If you purchase your tickets at The Smiling Goat Saloon you can avoid paying ticket fees.

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Top 10 Songs

Mark Chesnutt

10.”Old Country”

This was the fourth and final single form his Long Necks and Short Stories Album and is considered by many to be a near perfect country song. It is a classic look at country redneck loving.

9.”It’s a Little Too Late”

This was co-written by Mark Chesnutt, Roger Springer and Slugger Morrisette. It’s a whimsical look at what went wrong in a relationship and made it all the way to the number one position in the charts.

8.”Blame It On Texas”

This was produced by Mark Wright who also co-wrote the song with Ronnie Rogers. It’s a great look at blaming where you are from for your problems and not taking responsibility for your life.

7.”It Sure is Monday”

The lyrics capture the way most people feel about the start of a new work week. “It sure is Monday isn’t it now, I’ve gotta get myself though the week somehow. I had a ball on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But it’s all over now and it sure is Monday.”

6.”I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing”

Fans argue back and forth as to whether this version of the song is better than the one recorded by rock group Aerosmith. The truth is that a good song is a good song and this one came to national acclaim and while Aerosmith’s version was a bigger hit. Most loyal country fans argue that the Chesnutt version has a better sound.

5.”Almost Goodbye”

This was written by country hit makers Don Schlitz and Bill Livsey, The lyrics are very thought provoking and it immediately became a favorite of country people and Mark Chesnutt fans in particular.

4.”Brother Jukebox”

This was originally recorded by Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers back in 1976 and reached the position of 96 on the charts. It was recorded by Keith Whitley as well. But it became Mark Chesnutt’s first number 1 hit.

3.”Going Through the Big D”

This is very humorous look at a quick marriage and the inevitable divorce that came after. There are lots of plays on words that make the song interesting to listen to. This has a place on any 10 best songs by Mark Chesnutt for any fan.

2.”Bubba Shot the Jukebox”

This is a grand look at life in a back woods bar. It seems that the jukebox played a song that made poor Bubba cry. He then proceeded to shoot the thing and put it out of commission. Funny lyrics make this a great song to simply enjoy.

1.”Too Cold at Home”

This song was written by Bobby Harden and while it only made it to number 3 on the charts it is the favorite of most Mark Chesnutt fans. It was his first release and holds a special place in the hearts of many because of the popularity of the video.

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